Friday, November 10, 2006

Friday Morning, Los Angeles

It's been a good trip so far. Much like New York, I'm seeing and reconnecting with old friends. Getting the lay of the land. I feel like an old pro driving around here. We saw Haley Joel Osment last night riding his bike up to a party for Paste Magazine. Celebrity sightings = three. We hung out with my friend Effie and her puppy Foxy. We met a new guy through a friend of a friend who works in "the biz". And last night had Vietnamese at a restaurant with no signs on the outside of the building with my friend Margot. I haven't seen Margot since she left Stanton my ninth grade year. She's just the same and she's I am too. She's still hyper, crazy and fun. I love it. And she makes cool shoes that celebrities like to wear. Ok, I've gotta hop in the shower and get ready for today.


Lorie said...

I KNOW that Vietnamese restaurant - I've eaten there! Good choice, I hope you liked your food. I've found one other pho place, though, along Western Avenue that has the BEST summer rolls I've ever had (and you know what a food snob I can be). If you still have a hankering b/4 u leave LA, let me know, & I'll take y'all there. L

matt said...

Margot Ja***? Tell her I said "Hello"!!!!! and

HAPPY B-day!

Annie in Austin said...

Hello Kat,

The Statesman said that both you and Leonardo DiCaprio were celebrating today - so Happy Birthday!

I saw 'Bridges' last summer - you really have gone down a twisted path to find the audience. Good luck to you and Stacy.