Wednesday, November 29, 2006

My New Celebrity Crush

Channing Tatum

Me and Theo

This is Clare's little boy. I want one too.

Indie Spirit Award Congrats

A monstrous congratulations to the cast and crew of Chalk who were nominated for an Independent Spirit Award this morning. It's well deserved. Other notables ... Karin Chien's The Motel and Lars Knudsen, Jay Van Hoy, Anish Savjani for Old Joy.

Monday, November 27, 2006

The Tree of "Whoa"

There's a new running joke in my family about the Tree of "Whoa". I caught my dad half asleep, half watching Conan the Barbarian on Thursday morning. I should actually mention that my mom is a HUGE Arnold Schwarzenegger fan. And cyborg fan. She loves any movie with Arnold or cyborgs. With that said, she owns all the Conans on VHS. Well in this one particular scene in Conan the Barbarian, James Earl Jones sentences Conan to get tied to the Tree of Woe. I don't know why, but this sent me into a fit of giggles. I couldn't stop laughing. So for the rest of our Thanksgiving vacation we kept threatening each other with the Tree of "Whoa".

Thanksgiving Weekend Highlights

*My family. God bless the Candlers. We're a strange bunch, but the coolest family ever.
*Visiting Amasita in St. Augustine.
*My mom pushing me around super fast in a stroller through the busy St. George Street in St. Augustine while the rest of the family tried on armour and swords from a weird Dungeons and Dragons shop.
*Toasting Robert Altman before our Thanksgiving Dinner.
*My nephew Christian's snotty nose. It never stopped running.
*Dinner in Tallahassee with Dan, Jeannine and Jeff.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Teaching in full circle

So, it's a done deal. I'll be teaching two classes next semester at the Motion Media Arts Center. One for teens, one for adults. They'll both be 12-week classes. If you've been wanting to learn how to make movies, or even just want to hang out for 12 weeks, you should sign up.

It's kind of funny. Full circle really. I'll be teaching in the same space where I took my very first filmmaking class from Steve Mims way back in 1997.

Robert Altman

There are a small handful of filmmakers that I idolize ... Terrence Malick, Ang Lee, Cassavetes and Robert Altman. With that said, today leaves me with much sorrow over the death of Mr. Altman. I read an interview he did about a year ago that inspired me. Gave me permission to flick off anyone who told me I couldn't do it. Anyone who would ever doubt me. He gave me permission to make good movies, bad movies, experiment, play around with the art and love every second of it. He was a filmmaker that loved people, characters, life, love, hope. He brought us a different unique world with every film he did and laughed and cried with every moment he put on screen. He never stopped. He never took no for an answer. He made movies until the day he died. God damn, I love that man. I wish I drank. I would hold a beer up to the heavens and say "this one's for you Bob". Instead, I think I'll just keep making movies.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Is this the end?

Our fall tour officially wrapped last night with a screening in DC. Stacy said there were over 270 people in attendance. I'll let her talk more about the experience on her blog. But just in the conversation from the airport to her house, it sounded like it was a complete success.

So where do we go from here? We'll start calling up the distributors again. Show them what we've done. Where we're at. Who we've aligned ourselves with. The work has just begun on the next phase.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Washington DC

Stacy and Leslie are in DC today for our two screenings. We had a screening this morning to over 100 guidance counselors in the Montgomery County School System. I'm still waiting to hear from Stacy on how the panel went afterwards. Tonight is our big screening sponsored by NIH, NIMH and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Yesterday we got three requests to screen the film in various parts of the U.S.. Hopefully those requests will keep coming in. I'm working on a distribution packet to take to distributors. We'll hit that pretty hard once Stacy and Leslie return. I'm hoping some of the educational distributors make it to the screening tonight.

We're working like crazy on our two new projects that our in development. Our friend Barbara Ghammashi is working with us on Roadside Texas and our friend Richard Bever is working with us on Brain Brawl. It was just a matter of time before those two teamed up with us. We've known them both for several years and have shared aesthetics, work ethics and sensibilities and they're good people with big hearts. It's nice to have good people teammates.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

From the Ramada at Segundo

As a reward for a successful week in LA, Stacy and I treated ourselves to a night in a hotel that included cable TV, Wifi internet access, facial masks and dark chocolate. Heaven.

The screening was a complete success. We had a great turn out. Like a huge reunion of friends, new and old and lots of folks we didn't know.

The Didi Hirsch folks were wonderful. It was an emotional panel discussion afterwards that was sadly cut too short by the theater owner. We could've easily gone another half hour.

Michael Emerson was a huge hit chatting it up with all of the LOST fans afterwards.

All in all, our trip was incredible. We were able to make progress with Brain Brawl, jumping off bridges and visit with so many friends. I'm anxious to get home and get to work on what's next on our list of things to do.

Saturday, November 11, 2006


I turn thirty-two today. Me and Leonardo DiCaprio. We were born on the same day of the same year. If I had to share that day with anyone, I'm happy to share it with him.

I could go on some long, drawn out prose about getting older, blah, blah, blah, but I won't. I love where I am and I psyched about what's next. I have my favorite boy, my angel of a kitty cat, the best friends I could ever ask for and I'm in the midst of following my bliss.

I just have to say to you, Los Angeles ... I'm sorry. I had you all wrong. I expected one thing and you gave me another. You've killed me with kindness. So when Stacy posed the question randomly yesterday while at the corner of LaBrea and Wilshire, "New York or Los Angeles, don't think about it, just answer quickly?". Well, shit, I said Los Angeles.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Friday Morning, Los Angeles

It's been a good trip so far. Much like New York, I'm seeing and reconnecting with old friends. Getting the lay of the land. I feel like an old pro driving around here. We saw Haley Joel Osment last night riding his bike up to a party for Paste Magazine. Celebrity sightings = three. We hung out with my friend Effie and her puppy Foxy. We met a new guy through a friend of a friend who works in "the biz". And last night had Vietnamese at a restaurant with no signs on the outside of the building with my friend Margot. I haven't seen Margot since she left Stanton my ninth grade year. She's just the same and she's I am too. She's still hyper, crazy and fun. I love it. And she makes cool shoes that celebrities like to wear. Ok, I've gotta hop in the shower and get ready for today.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Wednesday, November 8th

It's late. 1am in Texas time. Hence why I feel like collapsing.

I'm sitting at Aaron's house after watching a bunch of footage from their upcoming documentary Zombie Girl. It looks fantastic and I can't wait for him to finish!

Celebrity Sightings: Steve Martin, Peter Gallagher

Tested the projection in the theater we'll be screening in. It looks beautiful and the theater's gorgeous.

Please, please, please tell all of your friends about out LA screening. We need the butts in the seats.

More tomorrow. Gotta sleep.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Chicken and Waffles

I'm watching The 40-Year Old Virgin riding out the time before I take a cab to the airport. Another 4 hour non-stop plane ride to Los Angeles. It's the chest waxing scene. Poor Steve Carell. Oh my god. Are some men really that hairy. Whoa.

The meetings are set up, the DVDs and press kits are packed. We're ready to go. We'll get to meet up with friends, film friends, film contacts and MAYBE, just MAYBE we'll get to take in a movie while we're there.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Home Again Home Again Jiggity Jog

I'm home! After spending 8 hours in an airport and on a plane today. I don't want to get back onto a plane on Tuesday. Argh. Someone invent beaming from place to place soon, PLEASE. I had a movie on the way to NYC, but no movie back. Bummer.

Our NYC/New Jersery adventures were well worth the trip. We had three fantastic screenings. We had several promising meetings with folks for new projects and I got to see a TON of friends. AND little Theo.

I have a day and a half to get ready for Los Angeles. We also have screenings this week in Pittsburgh, Beaumont and Sarasota. We have some new comments and reviews and an interview on Green Cine updated on our JOB Press page.

I need to go to sleep now. Mark and I have a date tomorrow to celebrate my birthday a few days early.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

no sleep til brooklyn

it's late and i'm about to fall over from exhaustion. recap of the day ... morning breakfast with several sponsors of the montclair screening. a wonderful q&a with severl of montclair's advocates for mental health and suicide prevention. the screening was packed, probably over 130 students. ethiopian food at my favorite restaurant in the world with my girls karen, clare and stacy and a very late amre. and i finally got to meet theo who is as beautiful in real life as he is in the photos. i have to sleep now. i want to run through brooklyn in the morning. god bless karen for making our air mattress bed.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


My plane takes off at 5:30pm. I'll head to Montclair University for a full day of panels, discussions and a screening. And then, Manhattan. I'm completely nervous about this weekend. I'll think good thoughts. You think good thoughts too, please. That would be wonderful.

Two things that I'm most excited about my NY trip ... meeting Clare's newborn, Theo and watching the New York City Marathon. Ok, three things ... seeing all of my kick ass friends who live in town and are coming in from out of town.

Chronicles of New York City coming soon.

Dark Water

Mark rented Dark Water, the original Japanese version for our Halloween festivities. I thought I was in for a night of jumping out of my seat scares and covering my face with a blanket. Little did I know I'd be a bawling baby, curled up in the corner of our Lazy Boy. It hit me pretty hard. The story explores the idea of abandonment. Motherless children. When I was very young I went to Girl Scout Camp for two weeks. I spent two excruciating weeks crying myself to sleep, wondering if my mom was coming to get me, feverish and sick. I asked repeatedly to call her so I could go home, but the teenage camp counselors told me that wasn't possible. I was eight, maybe nine. Only three times in my life have I felt violently sick to my stomach from from grief ... when Aaron died, during my eight year break up and Girl Scout Camp. I had no idea this movie would push me to the ground and trample me until exhaustion. It's not the haunting image of a faceless child down a long rotting hallway that slithered under my skin, but the childhood feelings of abandonment. My mother didn't abandon me. She had no idea that I was lying awake every night in a cabin in the woods wondering when I would see her again. Aching in my belly. The whole year after that I had extreme panic attacks if my mom was two minutes late picking me up. I refused countless invitations to slumber parties and to spend the night with my friends. I was deeply afraid I'd be left behind and forgotten about. I'm ready to sleep and forget about all of this. Sadly I don't think I'll be able to. I don't remember the last time a film caught me off guard like this.