Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Sweet Home Alabama

Apparently our screening in Tuscaloosa went really well. About 75 people showed up. A pretty decent crowd for little to no advertising. I know that the University of Alabama has a huge mental health emphasis. They have a whole research center devoted to it. Kerry mentioned that several folks stayed long after discussing the film.

Still waiting to find out the numbers at the Connecticut screenings. I talked with a professor at a community college in New Haven who sent her entire class so they could discuss the film this week. If only all the teachers would do that.

I've exhausted all publicity efforts in Nashville, Houston and Memphis. Not sure what else I can do. With that said, I've begun the LA, NY and DC spreadsheets, press releases and lists. I can see all three being really big. We don't have to do much in the way of publicity for DC. The NIH should do all of it for us. They're still working out the details for a day screening that would include all of the guidance counselors in Montgomery county. We're working out something similar in Austin that would happen in February.

I'm ready for Zen. Stacy's picking up Annalise at the airport and then we're supposed to meet up at Zen. It was the first place Annalise wanted to go after stepping off the plane. :)

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