Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Selling Out

We sold out the Alamo again last night. I think we sold out an hour or two before the screening started. It was a nice feeling. I had to sneak some friends in who bought tickets to The Science of Sleep. And what was really great was that I recognized very few people. After doing a poll of the audience, many were counselors, guidance counselors, professors and students from UT. Excellent! That's the direction we've headed in our publicity efforts and last night was a testament that it's working. We had an incredible panel who spoke eloquently to the problems of suicide and mental health. I've talked to Dianna Groves about setting up a screening for all 200 or so counselors in the Austin School District.

I leave in a few hours for Florida. I have four screenings in Tallahassee this weekend. Tomorrow we have a screening at the University of Alabama and in New Haven. And then Saturday we have a screening in Bethel, CT. Between Stacy, Leslie, Tracy and myself we've hit up universities, high schools, government agencies, juvenile probation officers, you name it, we've emailed and called them.

I'm speaking to a class of drama and film students at my old high school tomorrow. That might be the highlight of my trip. I'm also trying to find the professor at Florida State who sort of pushed me in the direction of filmmaking.

A belated Happy Birthday to my nephew Robert Candler who is one of the cutest, sweetest, grown up little boys I've ever met.

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Bryan Poyser said...

Congrats on the sell-out!

I used to live in Bethel, CT, and saw all kinds of foreign & indie films at the Bethel Cinema, like El Mariachi, Like Water for Chocolate and even Bad Lieutenant (with my parents. Ouch!)