Friday, October 20, 2006

Quacks - They're playing good music!

It's Friday. Friday's are good. Friday's mean I get to clean the house a little, put away everything I've been meaning to file for that last week, stare at Pork Chop and rub his belly, sit in a coffeeshop the entire day and work on Storie stuff. Today I get to see my friends. We have a lunch date. It's not often that I get to see them anymore. It's my fault for being so friggin' busy. And this weekend I have a hiking date with Meredith. After the big blow this week I need that time to wander through the woods with a good friend.

I found out that my part-time situation at work will end soon. In a few weeks I'll get laid off permanently. I'm still wondering if it's a good thing. I can only hope so. I've gotten a few leads for film teaching opportunities. I refuse to sit at another desk from 9am - 6pm wasting my time without even a window to stare out of. I have mad skills. I need to use those skills. And what better way to do it than working with kids. I always said if I wasn't making movies, I'd be working for some non-profit for children.

Everything else in the world is moving forward at a pace that I'm still trying to catch up to. Instead of my list of things to do shortening, it just grows and grows. I don't know why, but we've been getting several distributors requesting screeners again. It comes in phases. Please god let us sell this film soon.

Pittsburgh called yesterday. They want to rent the film.

Damn, I'm hungry.


Lorie said...

You don't know why distributors are calling again??? Well, doy, it's because you Storie ladies are KICKING ASS and taking numbers with the DIY theatrical tour -- demonstrating what we've known along: that we know the audience for this film. It's out there, and it wants our movie.

Silly girl.

Bryan P said...

Yeah, fuck full-time jobs. Resist with all your might!