Thursday, October 26, 2006

A party is in order

I've poked my head out from my theoretical office to see a few friends here and there. It's been nice. Even at the AFS Committee meeting yesterday it was good to see faces I haven't seen in a long while.

Many years ago I used to have big parties all the time. I was known for them. Introducing so and so to so and so. Probably once every other month or something crazy like that I had gatherings in my back yard and a mix of faces and friends. I was all about everyone in the film community knowing everyone else. I was always shocked when so and so didn't already know so and so because so and so could really help so and so with such and such.

The last gathering I had was about a year ago at the Driskill with all of my film friends and film acquaintances. I'll have another one soon. I promise. After we get back in mid-November, I'll set something up. I'll make it more regular too. It is nice to catch up, find out what everyone's been working on, trading contacts, ideas. I think it's important to our film community to grow and gain momentum. So yes, a party is in order.

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karen said...

I miss that too! We met so many great people that way, by friends bringing friends, etc.
Doesn't happen here so much. . . but also, I know I have to give it time. Still, I miss my Austin family a lot.