Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I wish I had more time to blog

God, I wish there was more time. Ok, really quick.

The San Antonio screening went really well. We had a nice size crowd. The panel discussion afterwards was great and went long. I met some wonderful folks. One of the little alternative teenagers that came compared it to The Virgin Suicides. I wanted to go hug him.

Sunday Leslie and I attended a fundraiser for a local mental health organization, the Milestone Foundation. We sat at a table with Vincent Calderon who's putting together a festival for films dealing with mental health in the spring.

Tonight we screen in Austin. As of yesterday morning, we had 70 tickets left to sell. I'm hoping we sell out big time tonight. We're competing against the Veronica Mars season premiere and the Dionysium. Maybe I can stick my head over in the Dionysium and say hi to Meredith.

Projection has been the bane of my existence lately. It looked so crappy in San Antonio. Not quite as crappy in Kansas City, but still pretty crappy. Stacy and I tested the projection at the Alamo yesterday. Holy moly it was gorgeous. I wish I could take that projector with me to every single screening. Seriously. It breaks my heart to see the film look like shit at some of these theaters. I slide down in my seat and just cringe. It's pretty painful.

Gotta bolt. Much to do.

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