Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Houston and Nashville Summation

Houston went really well. It was probably my favorite panel discussion. We had an audience comprised mostly of the Houston mental health and suicide prevention community with a few SWAMP members here and there.

We couldn't get very much press in Houston to save our life. The Chronicle and Houston Press were non-responsive after multiple emails and phone calls. I guess it's just a big town. With that said, I was happy we got the crowd we did just through emails and word of mouth.

After the screening we hung out with Rhett, Becky, Michelle and Gerald. It was great to see Rhett and catch up. That boy makes me smile.

Apparently we had about 75 folks in Nashville. Savannah was pretty pleased with how it all went. She said we got a good response. The woman from NAMI who came and answered questions wants to bring the film back for more of the mental health community.

Savannah called as she was getting into Memphis on Sunday lost and trying to get directions to the theater. We haven't heard from her since.

We have a review (apparently favorable) coming out in Counseling Today which will go out to all of the American Counseling Association members in November.

We've already sold tickets in NYC!!! YEAH!!! I want to sell out both screenings big time.

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