Monday, October 09, 2006

CSI on the radio.

I'm back in Austin from a jam packed trip to Jacksonville and Tallahassee. Of course we had the biggest crowd at the last screening. The one I couldn't stay for because I had to drive back to Jacksonville. And speaking of which, did you know they air television shows on the radio? I listened to CSI and Cold Case as I drove down the long, lonely I-10. It was pretty cool until I realized I'd already seen that episode of CSI. Luckily Leslie called and we chatted from Live Oak to Jacksonville.

Below are some photos of Dan and Jeannine. Dan and Jeannine are at the theater every weekend, popping popcorn, tearing tickets, running projection. They love movies. They really love movies. I tried to convince them and John (the other half of the Film Society) to come visit Austin the next chance they get. They're such good people.

Now Stacy, Leslie, Tracy and I are gearing up for Houston, Nashville and Memphis this coming weekend. I'm driving to Houston on Friday and probably won't be back in town until Sunday morning. Just in time to meet up with our good friend, David Lowery.

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