Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Clare's a Mama

Clare's always been the mom in our circle of friends. She's the voice of reason and authority through kindness. She took care of us through hugs, words of advice and sweet kisses on the forehead when life threw us curve balls. She's been the thread that has sewn us all together. Now she's a mom for real. Last night she gave birth to a baby boy. Theo. I cried when I got Karen's voicemail at 7:30am this morning. If anyone is fit to be a mom, it's Clare. Her baby boy will be spoiled with love and adoration. Between Rich and Clare, two of the coolest parents, Theo will be a science genius, earth loving, politically minded, booty shaking, indie rocker with a great love for humanity. I can't wait to squeeze his little cheeks next month.


myumblog said...

yeah! i am lucky that they just live down the street from me. i walked with her and rich as they split a vanilla milkshake...their cute.
miss you kat! m

Stacy said...

i need details! weight, length, hair or not,all that.
Yeah for the baby!