Saturday, October 07, 2006

Borders and Me

I've become a great friend to the Borders in Tallahassee. We've been spending a lot of time together lately.

The screenings went really well last night. We were competing against "First Friday" which was about a block away. The music blared and the cars were honking but luckily the walls of the theater are thick brick. The projection was beautiful and the audiences loved the film. I got a wonderful response. I saw some friends I hadn't seen since high school graduation and professors who taught me poetry and short fiction.

Dan and John who run the Tallahassee Film Society use a really, really old Amtrak Station that they've conerted into a theater. It's beautiful.

We have two more screenings tonight and then I drive back to Jacksonville. I'll get to see my family in the morning before I fly back to Texas. I'm anxious to get back and see my boy. I always wish he could come with me on these trips, but sadly, we can't afford it. I told him that someday soon, when we have more money that he'll come with. Our kids too. When we have them, of course.

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