Friday, October 06, 2006

Back in Tally

I'm sitting in my hotel room watching Saved By the Bell - The College Years and catching up on emails.

I spent yesterday with my family, talking to about 50 or so kids at Stanton, catching up with Brian Heggood and Claire Clark and having dinner with Garrick and Liz. I drove to Tallahassee in record time dancing in my car to SexyBack.

We had a really nice review come out in the Tallahassee Democrat today. Also an article in the FSView came out yesterday.

I'm curious how things will go tonight. I can't wait to see the theater. They converted the old Amtrak station into a theater.

I have no clue how the screenings in Alabama and Connecticut went last night. I'm extremely curious.

We're talking to the Alamo South about doing a week run in early January for those who weren't able to get into the screening in Austin on Tuesday.

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Clare Jane said...

I know you love the cable Kitty Kat, but Saved by the Bell - The College Years? Isn't that going a wee bit too far?