Saturday, September 16, 2006

You don't love me

Mark's head is in my lap trying to shove my hands away from the computer. "Stop" he insists. Sadly, I can't. I got home from Kansas City about two hours ago, tired, uneasy and a little panic stricken. We have five more screenings in the next three weeks and a TON of publicity and press to work on. This morning before an interview at the Holiday Inn I emailed Jeb Bush, Florida lobbyists, Senators, Representatives ... The NAMI folks emailed me back eager to get involved on the Tallahassee screenings. That's a sigh of relief. I'd like to get in good with them at the national level. They're pretty huge and far reaching.

The screening last night went really well. We had a full crowd most of whom stuck around for the Q&A after the screening. I spoke with lots of folks afterwards about their own experiences. That's always the hardest part. One man I could hear bawling for a good few minutes during the father/son fight scene. My friend Emma kept wiping away tears sitting next to me.

Unfortunately, the sound was all messed up. Not sure if it was from the projection or the transfer. I was missing a whole channel of sound. An older couple in front of me kept asking each other, "What'd he say?". I had to get up and crank the volume. It helped a little. My stomach turned through much of the film because of it. The color looked really off too. Emma said she noticed the sound but not the color. Argh. I hate that.

Mark just got up in a huff, "You don't love me". I gotta go.

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