Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Woe Day

It's Wednesday or as my co-worker likes to call it, "Woe Day".

I spent the weekend with the Osborns in South Padre. I think I had a record of not checking my email for almost 48 hours. Quite a feat for me. I had to sneak into the Sheraton Resort about a mile down the road and pretend I was a guest. I dodged a few security guards here and there. Back at the condo, I spent too much time watching Laguna Beach and the VMAs. Got a bit of sun, ate my new favorite snack, Veggie Wheat Thin Chips. God, they're totally addicting.

Next week we sort of officially start our tour. Stacy's heading to Albuquerque and Seattle. I'm heading to Kansas City. I've been living in hotels a lot lately. But I'm a whore for hotels. We'll see how all this goes. Think good thoughts for us. We're a few days from finalizing the film. Sound is done, we're just wrapping up color with Chadwick.

We hired an intern yesterday. Sadly, she has no idea what she's getting in to. Every time someone offers to help, they end up working full time and leaving their own life behind. This girl seems really kick ass though. I'm excited to see what she brings to the table.

I'm heading to Stacy's in a bit to finalize our trailer.

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