Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Last night at the top of our whiteboard we listed our three main goals with this tour. They are as follows ....

1) Create press, hype, a snowball effect of interest.
2) Pay Back our Investors
3) Distribution Deal

The snowball is in effect. We've been getting phone calls and emails from universities, organizations and even parents who want to screen the film. It's kinda crazy, actually. I was telling Mark today that I'm a little nervous. I'm nervous that we're gonna be understaffed soon, not that we aren't already. We haven't even made the giant push to universities yet. I'm almost thinking that we need to hold off until we get a few more screenings out of the way and have a little more time.

Stacy and I are going to Book People today to meet with my friend Liz who's the buyer for Psychology and Health. She's giving us the lowdown on educational publishers and book distributors. After that, back to emails, press, press, press!!!

I can't wait for the Tally screening. It's gonna be super kick ass.

Oh, and if you're in Austin and haven't seen the film yet, go buy your ticket now from the Alamo South. We're hoping to sell that baby out!

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