Friday, September 08, 2006

music that challenges the ears

I had a pretty kick ass interview this morning with Jim from the Albuquerque Tribune. I felt well spoken and articulate. That's rare. He asked pretty cool questions, maybe that's why. Stacy and I did a Seattle interview for some radio station later in the day ... me, not so well spoken. Maybe I exhausted my thoughtful, intelligent comments after the first interview.

I spent several hours investigating more educational distributors. Thought I'd write, but couldn't get my head in the right place. I've lost that writing bug for now.

So there's this one guy who works at Quacks. He plays music that's a challenge to sit through for hours at a time. Seriously, it's been grating on my nerves since about 2:30pm. It's almost 6pm. The girls next to me up and left because of it. I'm not a music snob or anything, but it's that avant garde/experimental stuff that's interesting for about 5 minutes. Please, please, please make it stop.

So everyone and their mother is having a baby. I got to sit down with Joe O'Connell last night and he, too, is gonna be a dad. My sincerest congrats to that man. Joe is my oldest journalist friend. He was my very first interview back when he was writing for the Statesman in 2000. It always puts a smile on my face to see him and an even bigger smile to find out he's gonna be a dad.

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