Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Humanistic Psychologists

Stacy left this morning for Seattle. I think we've exhausted all of our publicity efforts for this week's screenings. We've contacted print, radio, television, high school guidance counselors, universities (psychology, nursing, social work, film), counseling centers, film groups, filmmakers, friends, friends of friends, family, friends of family, random acquaintances, bloggers ...

Today I've been contacting all sorts of associations and organizations, from the National Association of Social Workers to the Association of Humanstic Psychologists. Anyone we can get on board. I'm all over the idea of lining up screenings with their conferences and conventions.

Yesterday I sent releases out for Nashville, today, Houston. My list of things to do exceeds my time in a day.

For those of you who have asked, the film wasn't out of sync. It was all in my head. I think I slipped a little off the deep end that night. I made my way back to the shallow end though.

A very, very Happy Birthday to Scott Bate today!

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kelly rae said...

god, kat. you are one insanely busy, inspired person. how do you do it?