Friday, September 15, 2006

Holiday Inn in Overland Park

Notes from a Holiday Inn in Overland Park, KS ...

Had a wonderful dinner with Emma and a yummy Thai restaurant last night.

Woke up at 5am to a nightmare. Got up and emailed every single mental health and suicide group I could find in Tallahassee. Started the process of universities ... I ditched my morning run because I couldn't tear myself away. I'm a fiend.

Met George Romero at a radio interview this morning. He's really tall. I kept to myself the fact that I've never seen any of his films. He seemed really sweet.

My mission today was to eat Ethiopian food for lunch. Mission accomplished. Yeah!

I have another interview in the morning before I leave for the teen section of the Kansas City Star.

My screening starts in about 3 hours. Luckily the party afterwards is at my hotel. I can eat, chat and come back to work. Oh god, I'm pathetic.

Press from Kansas City and Albuquerque:

UNM Today

Albuquerque Tribune

The Pitch


Anonymous said...

are you ever going to sell Jumping Off Bridges on DVD? I really loved that movie. It was absolutely fantastic. Defintely my new favorite movie. =)

The Sujewa said...

Interesting stuff Kat, hanging w/ Romero & all :) I just linked to this post from my blog. Good luck with the tour.

- Sujewa