Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Holding hands with the government

We just landed a screening in DC sponsored by the NIH. This is HUGE. This is motherfucking huge!!!! Leslie Langee, we owe it all to you, my dear. You are the queen of our DC screening!!! You are the queen of hooking us up with the US government.

And I quote, "Everyone agreed at the meeting that your group has created a film that is needed by the mental health professional community." We're needed. We're loved!!! I'm so excited.

AND to top it off, because it's a government screening, it has to be captioned. And because we can't afford to do the captioning ourselves, they're doing it for us. DUDE. I'll be on high all day long.

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kelly rae said...

congratulations, kat. you deserve all of this! i can't wait to see the film!