Saturday, August 12, 2006

Why am I still up?

I'm sitting in my hotel room catching up on email and watching Project Runway. Can I just say, I have a jacuzzi tub in my room. I've never had a jacuzzi tub. So tomorrow morning I might be hanging out in the tub for a good long while.

The screening tonight went beautifully. The people in Lubbock are so sweet. They embraced the film. Everyone came up to me afterwards thanking me for coming to Lubbock and bringing the film. I always sit in the audience thinking, "They hate it. I know they hate it". You wonder if their looking at their watches or shifting in their seats. And then it's over and they ask a ton of questions and tell me things like, it was honest, felt real, knew people like that, they appreciated the openness of the ending and found the film hopeful in its message. I talked to several folks who lost loved ones and a woman who's a counselor. I explained what we're doing with the film and they got really excited. They wanted to know how they could get a DVD to use with their own organizations. This is perfect. This is what's supposed to happen with the film.

I've been hanging out with Tom Copeland and Drew Mayer-Oakes. I love both of those guys. That Mr. Copeland has really taken me under his wing. I teared up when he introduced me and spoke about how he never had kids but he thinks of us as his children and how much he loves to watch us grow.

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DMO said...

You are truly remarkable, and an inspiration not only to filmmakers, but especially to young women. Great to see you in my hometown of Lubbock. And a big shout out to the Flatland Film Festival for a great show and fun event. See you soon here in San Anto...