Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Wendy is an excellent cook.

Chadwick has done a beautiful, beautiful job with the film. I forget what a wonderful eye he has with color and tone. He color corrected cicadas and Roberta Wells. We didn't even think to start with him on this project because of his day job and his family.

Last night we watched the whole film. We started around 6pm and all I'd eaten earlier in the day was a cup of granola. My stomach rumbled as soon as we got there. By about 7pm, Wendy, Chadwick's wife, was cooking something amazing in the other room that set my tummy into a tizzy. I couldn't concentrate on anything except whatever it was Wendy was cooking. Chicken and macaroni and cheese, maybe? Whatever it was, it consumed my head. It was about 7:45pm after talking about notes when we stumbled into a problem with the film in regards to how it was digitized or transferred or I don't know or understand what it was about exactly. All I know is that Chadwick and Stacy started talking technical details and didn't seem the least bit concerned that my belly was aching so bad I thought it would explode. I was getting dizzy and frustrated and kept fidgeting and shifting in my seat. What the hell was she cooking? Oh my god, it smelled so good. Wafts of Chadwick's dinner filled the entire room. Oh my god, I wanted to run. I wanted to scream, "FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, STOP THIS TECHNICAL MUMBO JUMBO CRAP AND LET'S GO EAT WHATEVER THE HELL IT IS THAT WENDY'S COOKING!" But I didn't. I sat there patiently and quietly while they figured out the next step to remedy the situation. After we were finished, Chadwick went to eat his dinner and Stacy and I high tailed it to Zen.

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