Thursday, August 17, 2006

Molly's doin' just fine!

A tidbit I found on IMDB and I'm dying to know if it's true ... Tiger Darrow starring in The Lovely Bones? Peyton? Tiger? I LOVED this book. And when Lynne Ramsey originally signed on to direct way back when, I thought the perfect match had been made between director and material. I'm not sure what the circumstances were that took Ms. Ramsey away from the film but lo and behold, Peter Jackson's name appeared on the IMDB to direct. At first, I thought "NO!!!" (because I love Lynne Ramsey so much). But I will say, in thinking about what Peter Jackson did with Heavenly Creatures, I can only imagine what he'll bring to screen for Alice Sebold's amazing story will be nothing less than wonderful.

In other news ...

1) I fought tooth and nails with Stacy's DVD Studio Pro yesterday. Luckily, I won.
2) I'm handing over the final, final, final version of JOB to Chadwick and Justin tonight. It makes my stomach turn. I'm nervous about that "final" part.
3) Potential part-time job interview this afternoon.
4) More screenings will be added soon. We have several in the works. Good ones. :)
5) Stacy and I are doing an interview for Austin Woman Magazine for their October film issue this weekend.
6) Annalise is en route to college. I'm thinking good thoughts for her.
7) Stacy's dogs are alive and well.

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