Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Mean Blueberry Muffins

Albequerque will screen JOB on 9/15. They're making an event of it. Red carpet kind of stuff, possible Governor in attendance. It's crazy, but wonderful how they've taken the idea and run with it.

We're close to nailing down Providence. Some folks from New Orleans called us out of the blue yesterday morning. We'll probably team up with the organization there as both a fundraiser and awareness effort. Apparently suicide rates have tripled since Katrina. It's awful. We talked last night about all of us making a trip there to participate. I'm all for it.

Been writing like a mad woman to get ready for our self imposed first draft deadline. I should be ready. I've been writing on lunch breaks, after my morning run and late at night to get a decent draft that I won't be embarrassed by.

We had a great workshop in Dallas and I had fun cold chillin' with the Aguilars. That Mandy makes some mean blueberry muffins.

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