Tuesday, August 08, 2006

I need a dry erase board in my head.

Monday marked my first day as a part time employee. I've never ever been a part time employee. Like seriously, I've had a full time job since ... forever. Ok, I was part-time at 15 when I was busing tables at the local Village Inn with Aaron and Adam, but does that really count?

I'm beside myself to have this time. Think about it, 4 - 5 extra hours a day. Multiply that by 5 days = 20 - 25 extra hours a week. Yes! Think about the things I can accomplish. There is so much going on right now, I can barely keep it all straight. I need a dry erase board in my head so I can organize it all.

A few highlights ...

1) Working on a book with Stacy. We've been planning this for about a year now. Finally I can sit down with my laptop and throw up my thoughts.
2) Teaching workshops around Texas to help fund JOB efforts. It seems like it's once a month lately. We need the money so bad it's not even funny. Ok, it is kind of funny how pathetically broke we are and how everything we do costs shitloads of money. I'm just shaking my head at it all.
3) Finishing a new JOB edit this week so I can hand it over for color correction and sound. It feels really good. JOB got slimmer. Lost a few extra pounds.
4) Developing Brain Brawl. Stacy's the lucky bee who gets to go to Jacksonville, visit my folks and my nephews and niece while I sit at the day job and wait for her to call and tell me who she met with. I wish I could go too.
5) Trying to find office space for Storie (cheap or free). If you own a company or work for a company that has extra cubicles, space, walls, floor, ceiling, let us know.
6) Fall Tour of JOB. Starts tomorrow! Yeah!
7) Traveling with JOB (lots and lots). Oh the places I'll go.
8) Once we finish the final version of JOB pursuing distribution with great ferocity! Dude, I'm so ready to put that DVD in the hands of people who will get that motherfucker out there!
9) About to start second draft of a new script. They all die in the end. Well, not everyone. But a few of 'em do.

Gotta go get lunch now.

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Mandy said...

10) Attending Dallas premiere of JOB.

Come on, you know you want to!!!