Thursday, August 10, 2006

eco friendly sneakers

i love reconnecting with friends i haven't seen or talked to in years, decades sometimes. my friend margot found me last week. the last time we spoke was in college maybe. we were friends in middle school. we both lived in jax beach. i can't remember how we met exactly. was it the gifted summer program? girl scouts? i just remember she always seemed inherently cool. after chatting over email, that still seems to be the case. her and a friend run this shoe and clothing line in los angeles called keep. this is about the 10th person i've caught up with from my adolescents in the past month or so. something's in the air. either that or people are getting bored at work and googling each other. it's fun. it's fun to find old friends. margot has my favorite story since we last saw each other ... installations, skateboarding, opening an art gallery in sweden, making eco friendly sneakers ... eco friendly sneakers. how cool is that?

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