Thursday, August 10, 2006

Dallas and then Lubbock

I was bummed that I couldn't be in Dallas. I heard Bart Weiss gave us a nice shout out. Stacy said the crowd was great and the response was wonderful. I've gotten a few phone calls and emails this morning. Mike Tully sent me a link to a nice plug about our soundtrack here. I will agree that it's pretty kick ass. :)

I'm headed to Lubbock in the morning to screen JOB. I'm looking forward to a weekend hanging out with Tom Copeland and Drew Mayer-Oakes. We'll be on a panel tomorrow afternoon called Filmmakers at Work or something like that along with Jonathan Caouette who did Tarnation. I've never been to Lubbock. I hear it's really flat.

This is crazy, maybe stupid, something I thought up in a conversation with David Zellner last night. We had a good talk about distributors and their unwillingness to work hard for smaller films that don't have stars. The films that aren't an "easy" sell. I tossed out the idea of writing a manifesto signed by all the filmmakers I know that have struggled with distribution over the years and then sending it to them. Explaining that it's not that difficult to find a films audience and target that audience. Yes, it's time and work, but that hopefully equals money. I'm sure they would hate us. And I probably won't do it. But it's really nice to think about. I was reading something along the same lines recently in Film Comment or Filmmaker or somewhere. It was about how you see less and less foreign films in the theaters. The theory is that distributors aren't taking the risk because they don't want to be creative about it and work to find that audience. I don't know. It's all good. Whatever.

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