Friday, July 07, 2006

Zillow and Zillionaires

I've kept busy the past hour or two with mortgage calculators, home searches and my new friend, Zillow. Yes, I can pretty much find out the value of all of your houses. And, in a fit of boredom, I probably looked up a few. When Mark and I took a preliminary house hunting excursion last Sunday I became pretty troubled by what we discovered. How do people afford to live in this city? Seriously? What do people do here that affords them the luxury of purchasing a $300,000 home? I don't get it. It's not enough to have a decent paying job, a husband with a decent paying job and a little bit of savings? I have to be a zillionaire I guess. We'll take another drive this weekend to check out some more affordable neighborhoods. "Up and coming" as some of them are called.

We're having a lazy reunion of sorts this weekend for our JOB cast/crew. They're all off being brilliant these days, god bless 'em.

Oh and if you live in Austin and are anti-meat, you should try Nu Age Cafe. Don't get turned off by the website. It's cheesy, I know. Specifically try their House Salad. It's the kind of salad I dream about.


Clare Jane said...

Here, here for the House Salad! I should rue the day I tried it because now I want it all the time and I don't know where to find anything like it in New York. Other things you can't find in New York: houses for $300K. Sadly after living in Seattle and now here, $300K sounds like a freakin' bargain for an entire house.

kelly rae said...

i know. i have the same thoughts about san fran area. what are those people doing in their lives that they can afford to buy??

Lorie said...

House-hunting really tests one's mettle in any market, city. Have faith. The search can be nerve-wracking, despairing even. But, you and Mark will come upon a house (and probably in the 11th hour or where you least expect it), and you'll instinctively "know." That's what happened for Ken and me. Even with finding our rental out here in LA.

Keep imagining Pork Chop sunning himself happily on the window sill of your waiting-to-be-found new house. :)

heather said... gives you the EXACT value of a home in Austin.