Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Words to live by ...

Mortgage meeting = very informative. I can now intelligently talk about loan origination fees, hazard insurance premiums and FHA loans vs. conventional loans. It's fun being an adult.

In other news, I sat on the patio of Central Market last night pouring through each scene of Brain Brawl. After much deliberation, I told Stacy I wanted 40 days of shooting. There was a long pause over the phone. Hmmm ... I think we'll have to compromise on that one. But really it's gonna be tough. We'll be dealing with child actors (in every scene), several HUGE scenes that involve lots and lots of child extras (like pep rallies, auditoriums, school hallways) and more involved camera moves. It's a big production, no doubt.

Stacy keeps calling in from Jacksonville with reports about this and that. She's gathering info and meeting all of the players. I'm excited for her visit to The Bolles School. Her tour's tomorrow afternoon. This would be Hampton Academy, where most of the script takes place. I envision the other school Lee Junior High at my old high school, Stanton College Prep. Back in the day, Stanton was rated the #1 high school in America by U.S. News and World Reports. Stanton is basically my inspiration for Brain Brawl.

Stacy's also meeting with several teachers to talk about putting together an internship program with the Duval County School System. When I thought about the process of how a movie was made as a kid, I had no idea. No clue. Never thought I could ever do something like that. No way, no day. So yeah, it'd be cool to teach these kids that it's totally possible. As my dad always told me, you can do anything you put your mind to. Words to live by.

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Clare Jane said...

Did you know that Michael Fritton is the drama teacher at Bolles? Might be worth Stacy dropping in to say hi. He could be a great recruiter for talent and possibly be an ally at Bolles. He still does a big summer camp too I think.