Friday, July 14, 2006

wassup rockers

larry clark is a strange bird to me. i have a love/hate relationship with his films. well at least the two that i've seen ... kids and bully. i take that back, i saw half of another day in paradise. i think i fell asleep or got bored or something. but kids and bully ... i was riveted and disgusted. those two left me with a belly ache and a need to crawl into a ball on my bed and cry over the humanity of these children. i never rented a bootleg copy of ken park. mainly i stayed away because i heard it was way too gratuitous for my taste. rumor has it, wassup rockers is the tamest of them all. i'll find out in a few hours. i can relate to mr. clark in his obsession with adolescence. however, i question sometimes why he's obsessed. but who am i to say. i love stories about youth. it doesn't matter the genre or style. i've seen almost every teen film ever. from can't hardly wait to elephant to the outsiders to confessions of a teenage drama queen to over the edge. someday i need to write a paper, "why i can't shake my fixation with the adventures and misadventures of teens". my friday afternoon, ready to go home, ramblings.


David Lowery said...

It's good. And mostly very sweet. I think you'll like it.

John said...

I'm not sure I have seen a lot of 'teen' movies, but I'd say that if anything the transitions that we all go through as adolescents is somehow reverberated in our adult lives and reminds us of the torture and folly of change and ingnorance.