Thursday, July 06, 2006

Loud Landscapers

I'm learning that things get done much quicker by phone. I know this is a stupid lesson to learn. And one that I should've known long, long ago. Perhaps I will conquer this fear. It's just a matter of confidence. Something I have a lot of and then later on find myself having very little of. It comes in waves.

I got lots of writing done this morning at Quack's. That is until three people sat next to me and talked about landscape design quite loudly and disrupted my flow. Damn landscapers!

I'm ready for a good long walk on Town Lake. I hear it's beautiful outside, although I wouldn't know sitting in my windowless office. But soon, in fact 40 minutes I'll be out that door so fast I might forget to turn off my space heater. Yes, I have a space heater in my office. Because it's friggin' freezing in here!

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