Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Lazy 4-Day Weekend

I fell asleep at 7:30pm last night. And I didn't wake up to the sounds of fireworks or roman candles in the streets. I heard it rained. But I wouldn't have known. I guess I needed the 10 hours of sleep.

It was a good weekend. The highlights include:

1) Running the 7 mile loop with Stacy Saturday morning. I love to see all the familiar faces each week as we pass the morning runners. It's like being a member of a morning club.
2) Riding in a car with my boy Sunday afternoon looking at houses. Despite getting a little depressed over the outrageous housing costs in this city, it was still nice to drive around aimlessly.
3) Watching Harriet the Spy for the umpteenth time. I don't know why that movie charms me so much but it does. Each time I make a movie, I have a film that I make everyone watch. For cicadas it was What's Eating Gilbert Grape. For jumping it was Elephant. For Brain Brawl, it's Harriet the Spy.
4) Spending July 4th with Mark's sisters and then getting to hang out with Meredith and Ryan for the rest of the afternoon. I'm so glad Ryan's back. I miss those stupid talks we have about nothing in particular that last for hours.

I was sad to miss Bryan Poyser's party on Monday night. Sadly a meeting that lasted until 9pm and an upset tummy kept me from going. It would've been nice to see the Austin film folks that I rarely see anymore.

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