Wednesday, June 14, 2006

We're not what we thought we were.

It's pretty quiet at work. You can't hear a peep. Everyone left to get coffee with this Italian woman who jetted into town today. All the better.

I must say I'm so intrigued by the direction that jumping off bridges has taken. We never even thought about the idea of pursuing educational distribution. When Stacy was in Michigan she met counselors, activists ... people who found a real need for the film in educational arenas. I mean we always new that we'd use it as an outreach tool here and there, but not through government agencies and the like. It's funny how you think your film is one thing and it sort of turns out to be another. I like how it's been telling us what it is. We're listening.

All of the Storie ladies have been hard at work on our big fall project. I swear to god if we can pull this thing off, I will treat myself to a full day at the spa. Massage, nails (even though I don't have any), hair, facial ... or as I told Mike Tully, I might treat myself to an entire jar of peanut butter. I have a lot of faith in us.

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Stacy said...

i love that plan. I want a spa day and with it some deep dark chocolate and some deep red wine and some gossip and poeple magazine.