Friday, June 30, 2006

Vampire scripts and broken hearts

Chatted this morning with the man heading up the suicide prevention conference in Baltimore on October 4th. He was thrilled at the prospect of partnering up. He simply has to ... not hate the movie. The DVD is enroute to his mailbox and we'll have a decision by next week. This could be a big, big screening for us.

I've been writing again. I started up a few weeks ago. There are two things that really give me peace. Writing screenplays and running. I'm really good about carving out time each morning to run. I'm not so good about the writing part. Probably like lots of other people you have to set aside a few hours. It takes a while to get into a groove. My time lately has been so devoted in a million other directions. Needless to say, I haven't gotten very far on the script. 25 pages that continue to climb and fall as I edit and refine. I'm really enjoying it so far though. On Brain Brawl I got so fixated on my characters. They seemed to live in the house with me. It's happening again on this one. I think about them an awful lot. I'm curious how it'll all unfold. The story is taking its time and sort of holding my hand and showing me where it wants to go. It's my attempt at writing an ensemble piece with adult characters. You'll be happy to know that the teens and kids are minor characters in this one. A first for me. Well, no, not really. I wrote a really terrible vampire script where the lead was in her late 20s. I wrote a vampire script in an effort to heal wounds from a broken heart. It kind of helped.

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