Thursday, June 08, 2006

Michigan and Dumplings

I have this raging headache that's clutching my skull with all its might. Several people have asked me throughout the day, what's wrong. My head hurts. I had plans to meet Mark at the movies after work, but all I feel like doing is sitting in our lazy boy with my laptop, some film work that I need to do, while the television talks to me.

After work yesterday I met Stacy at the gym to walk on the treadmills together. Side by side, it's cute and retarded to think that we have meetings on the treadmill, but we do. Apparently the treadmills that we chose, if used at the same time, shut down the power in part of the building. This is not surprising if you live in Austin and have ever stepped foot into Hyde Park Gym. It's a bit of a "work in progress". It's a dirty, usually smelly, broken kind of place. But we go there because despite the crappiness. It's kind of like home now. So after we shot the power, we decided walking outside would beat elbowing a random girl off of another treadmill. I like these walks/talks that we have. We reassure each other that, yes, we're bold and stupidly stubborn, (equally so), but we get things done. We don't mess around. Life feels pretty solid right now. It's good ... where we're at and where we're headed.

I must say, it's nice to have a business partner who's also a best friend.

Speaking of which, Stacy's in Michigan right now hanging out with the Sasquatch Dumpling Gang folks and her friend Maggie. They're at the Waterfront Film Festival. She called me like four times today. When she finally got there she had to tell me they were feeding her strawberry margharitas, taking everyone on hikes and kayaking. She said it's beautiful, the weather is perfect and life is grand. I guess I had San Francisco ...

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