Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Girl Scout Camp

So I guess our screening at St. Ed's tonight is sold out. The Dionysium is also screening Roberta Wells at 7:30pm. I'll start jumping off bridges at 7pm, race over to the Alamo South to do a Q&A after Roberta and then race back to St. Ed's to do a panel discussion with Tom Copeland, Bob Hudgins and Stacy on the business of film in Austin. It should prove to be an interesting evening.

Life after the honeymoon has been busy. I've been breaking down the Brain Brawl script for Stacy, in talks with Deena about next year, talks with Warren and other folks in Jax, trying to get the trademark on the Brain Brawl name, working on the jumping fall release and catching up on work work at the day job.

I'm looking forward to the weekend ... dinner with Kurt and MV, Sean and Lani's wedding and chillin' cold style on Sunday.

BTW, PC Bean has been crazy affectionate lately. Almost aggressively so. He's literally been at our heels ever since we got home. He won't let us out of his sight (well, through his one eye). And chatting it up big time. He has so much to say, it's not even funny. I think he had a moment when he thought we weren't coming back. And I can completely sympathize with him acting kind of crazy. When I was about 7 or 8 I went to Girl Scout Drama camp. The first night I was so homesick I couldn't sleep through the night. They wouldn't let me call my mom. They told me I'd get over it. Well I didn't. I spent two weeks sick to my stomach because all I wanted was my mom. I gave myself a fever and made myself sick from the worry and panic. When I finally went home at the end of the two weeks, I spent the whole next year panic stricken. If my mom was even a minute late picking me up from school, I'd cry and feel like throwing up. I refused to spend the night with any of my friends for fear of being left behind. If I had a babysitter, I would cry myself to sleep after my mom left. It took a long time to get over that. So, it breaks my heart that PC might have thought we weren't coming back. I've been telling him over and over again that we'd never leave him. Not in a million years. Mark got upset when we first started dating and I told him I loved that cat as much as I loved him. Pork Chop's been with me through everything. He's been the one constant in my life.

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i'm no phenomenon said...

i heard it was a sold out show. tried to make it with sierra and the others, but i didn't get all my work done :(