Friday, June 02, 2006

Final Days - San Francisco

Friday came too soon and not soon enough. I'm torn between wanting to stay and see everything we've missed so far and anxious to be home with our little PC Bean. I hear PC (Pork Chop) is missing us something fierce. Aunt Stacy's been taking care of him and giving him lots of love (and catnip) while we've been gone. She's a good Auntie.

I must admit that I crashed big time yesterday. We started the morning out in Richmond. Had amazing pastries at a corner coffeeshop and then headed to Clement Street. The neighborhood is more or less a chilled out version of Chinatown. Lots of dried mushrooms, fish and little old ladies. Our mission was to go to the Green Apple Book Store. This might be one of my favorite bookstores ever. You get lost in it. Literally. It sort of reminded me of Larry McMurtry's bookstores in Archer City. Old and new books falling off the shelves. That dusty book jacket smell. Patrons of every shape and size. Two elderly men looking for the sex section really loudly. Too funny.

We ended up at Whole Foods for a late lunch. I'm almost fooded out at this point. Hard to believe, I know. We came home and I think I fell asleep around 6pm. Somehow I managed to doze off through Mark's snoring. When I woke back up, Mark was dressed and ready to go. Me, not so much. I chose to lounge in bed, watch more Law and Order (I swear it's on all day long) and eat pretzels and a banana. I fell back asleep at 10pm.

This morning I ran my final run through the streets of San Fran. Over to the baseball stadium, up along Embarcadero to the Ferry Building, over to Fisherman's Wharf and back to the Ferry Building and home by way of Market Street. I had to dodge a lot of suits, homeless folks waking up and merchants hosing down their storefronts.

We're plotting out today's adventures which will mostly consist of moviewatching nad shopping. We're thinking an early screening of The Break Up and then District B-13. And if we're feeling really crazy, we might see either The Proposition or The Puffy Chair tonight. In between some of that, I have to go to H&M (there are two within blocks of us) and Anthropologie.

And lastly, before we head home, I have to do the Trolley Car. Mark promised. Just up and down Powell street will be fine. It's, like a requirement or something.


ryan said...


I wanna go to H&M. I didn't even know they had them on the west coast. Must be a new thing.

Sounds like you're having a great time!

Anonymous said...

They just opened them late last year. When Mandy and I were there last year, they were constructing both stores. I think those are the only stores west of Chicago.


Kat Candler said...

i didn't get anything at h&m. i was too overwhelmed.

kelly rae said...

i can't believe this. we stayed in downtown SF on Taylor and Post Friday - Sunday nites. We were in town on the same nite? damnit! we could have lunched, dinnered, whatever!