Thursday, June 01, 2006

Day 4 and 5 - San Francisco

Here are some highlights since we're about to head out.

1) MUIR WOODS - might be my favorite so far
2) Sonoma Valley - quaint, nice people, two film festivals, an amazing old theater (sebastiantini, or something like that)
3) Indian Food - We went to the top rated Indian Restaurant, I'm sorry San Francisco, but the Indian food in Austin kicks the Indian Food in your town's ass.

1) SBC Stadium (Giant's Stadium)
2) Embarcadero Road from South Beach to Ghiradelli Square - included ice cream, chocolate, taffy, whole foods (yay!), old people waiting for a trolley car, embarcardero center, the ferry building, fisherman's wharf (no sea lions!), the wax museum .... mark insisted on the wax museum. they had a wax statue of eminem. mark was VERY excited. i think we took two pictures.
3) I almost forgot. We saw MI-3. I LOVED IT!!!

Today we're headed to Richmond. More walking. Lots more walking. We're headed to the Green Apple Book Store and Burma Superstar.

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