Thursday, June 29, 2006


A HUGE congratulations to Steve Collins for winning the Target Filmmaker Award at the 2006 Los Angeles Film Festival for his wonderful film Gretchen which played last March at SXSW. Go, Steve go!!!

The Storie Girls are keeping our noses to the grind stone. I think that's the proper phrase. Basically, we're working our asses off. Between Stacy, Leslie, Tracy and myself, we split up the 20 some odd cities between the four of us. My cities are coming together. Tallahassee is pretty much secured, we just need to pick a date. Austin, again, we just have to pick a date. Baltimore seems like it might be a big, big city to play in. There's a huge suicide prevention conference taking place in October that we're trying to align ourselves with. I've been talking to the owner of the The Senator Theater and Rotunda Cinemateque and he seems super nice. Houston, I just need to firm up details with Michelle over at SWAMP. We tried to get a screening in at the Museum of Fine Art but their season was booked. They're taking us into consideration for the next season.

We've also started talking to book authors, professors, celebrities (sort of) ... about joining the panel discussions in each city. Leslie worked out her fear of the phone and made leaps and bounds with all of these people. I envy her. I still have a fear of picking up the phone, answering the phone, calling people ...

With all of this hard work, I've conquered the spelling of Albuquerque. It took me a while. So if nothing else comes of this effort, at least I have that.

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