Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Mr. Grove

I'm getting prepped for a trip to Jacksonville Thursday morning. I'm taking JOB to screen at the Jacksonville Film Festival. Michael Emerson is flying down as well. I get the feeling that it's going to be a crazy, whirlwind weekend. They have us both doing several workshops, television interviews, radio interviews ... Secretly, I'm really looking forward to cable television in my hotel room. And running early in the morning on the Riverwalk.

I've reconnected with some old high school buddies and teachers as I've sent out emails and press releases. Sadly, Mr. Grove, my favorite teacher in the whole wide world won't be able to make it. He's got the Annual Thespian Awards Ceremony that night. Besides, my parents, Mark and my friends, I will always want to make Mr. Grove proud. He was the most influential teacher I had at Stanton. He always gave me a gentle shove when I sat still too long or pushed me to go further when I thought I couldn't. I took Drama I, Drama II, Humanities and maybe a few more acting classes from him. He directed me as M'Lynn in Steel Magnolias and helped me prepare so many monologues that I would take to State Competitions. I'd usually sign up for whatever classes he was teaching, regardless of what they were. He's a kind soul with a huge, huge heart and a deep love for teaching. He's the one I'll thank at the Oscars someday.


kelly rae said...

hey kat,
i'm just going to miss your screening as i'm flying into jax sunday evening. my mom plans to attend it, though! have a great time.

Nicholas said...

Through a Rosedale email, I discovered your link and wanted to wish you cinematic gusto for Jacksonville. How prideful you must feel, from one rosedalian actor to another. I've experienced that "Mr. Grove" effect as well, wouldn't be the actor without it.