Thursday, May 25, 2006

me and bobby brown

Our team has taken this JOB distribution plan and run with it. We each have our respective assignments and we're all working hard, hard, hard!!! There's so much to do, but I have every ounce of faith in our little team.

In other news, Stacy just finished the latest draft of the Brain Brawl Proposal. She's flying high and taking names. Our goal is to be shooting summer of 2007.

Lastly, but most importantly, Mark and I head to San Francisco Saturday morning for our long anticipated honeymoon. I've been waiting for this day since Mark proposed back in September. One whole solid week ... just me and my boy. I can guarantee lots of moviewatching, bookstore perusing and record buying. Number ones on my list include, a night time tour of Alcatraz, Dim Sum, the Golden Gate bridge, wandering the city streets and cable TV. It's funny how much I love cable TV on vacation. We don't have it at home. It's banned from our apartment. I'm already a slave to Law and Order (all of them except Conviction) and LOST. When Mark and I went to Boston over Christmas break we were glued to the hotel room watching the insanity of Whitney Houston in Me and Bobby Brown and the ditzy girls competing in America's Next Top Model. Truly riveting. One thing that you must know ... I love all things cheesy and lame like US Magazine, People Magazine, celebrity gossip and really terrible reality television. But in my defense, I also love JD Salinger, Adrian Tomine, Gus Van Sant, Albert Maysles and Crosswords.

And one last thing ... I KNEW Michael Emerson was the head of the Others!

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Kat,

So nice to see you the other night at the Zombie Girl benefit. We hope you guys have a wonderful trip! Rest, relax, and be together.... Happy Honeymoon!

Peyton and Tiger