Monday, May 29, 2006

Day Two - San Francisco

Sipping on my morning orange tea after a nice long run, typing away while Mark snores. And he has every reason to sleep hard this morning. I practically killed the boy yesterday. Not intentionally. We walked to Haight Ashbury from our hotel which isn't a bad walk, maybe 3 miles. And then we walked all through the Golden Gate Park which was another 2-3 miles. And for all intents and purposes, I gave him the option to catch the bus back to the hotel. Just take the 7 or 71 back to Powell. Super easy, but he said, "no, we can walk". And he mapped it out so we would avoid "the bad neighborhood". It was probably another 3-4 miles back avoiding "the bad neighborhood". So after about 10 miles of walking, he fell face down onto the bed and slept ... and snored. I watched "Flight Plan" on pay per view.

My favorite part of our adventure, the Botanical Gardens. I wish we could've stayed longer. I'm not usually one for gardens, but my goodnes, it was like the Disney World of plant life. Broken up into different countries, there were trees, plants, flowers I can't even really describe. I loved it. We wandered the Japanese Tea Garden, the Aids Memorial, tried to figure out lawn bowling (unsuccessfully), people watched on Haight street and struggled to walk the last mile back to the hotel. Mark kept mumbling behind me, "I can't make it". "Yes you can angel face, only 10 more blocks".

For dinner, we split a piece of heaven. Recommended by his sister, Chef Amy, we made reservations at Cafe Jacqueline about a month ago. It's a tiny, cozy, romantic restaurant in North Beach run by Jacqueline, this little, old, French lady with a thick accent. French onion soup and tomato and cilantro souffle. 5 out of 5 stars. It was so good, I didn't mind how it burnt the roof of my mouth every time I took a bite.

This morning I discovered Yerba Buena Gardens as I ran up Mission Ave. Elderly Asian men and women scattered about the park doing Tai Chi. Munchkin sized girls skating around the ice rink and moms reading newspapers over coffee. And then up to Fisherman's Wharf where I caught a glimpse of Alcatraz and sea lions. Sweet.

I'm ready for today. First up, Dim Sum!!!

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