Sunday, May 28, 2006

Day One - San Francisco

Union Square, I've learned is the Times Square of San Francisco. Mobs of people moving through the sidewalks, dodging cable cars and homeless people. We're staying in the heart of it all. A sweet little hotel with amazing down comforters but only 21 channels of cable television. About 4 of those are the ones the hotel fills with enticing pay per view movies. Needless to say, I'm forced to venture beyond the hotel room and discover this new city. And I'm more than happy to do so.

Poor Mark. He started out as the leader because he's been here once before. That ended after about ten minutes. He led us down the wrong street into the "not so safe" neighborhood. From there I asked him to trust me and took him on a tour of Market Street, the Embarcadero, all of the piers, Telegraph Hill, North Beach and Chinatown. So far Chinatown is my favorite. Man alive, it's crazy. Little old ladies screaming at shop owners in Chinese and more mushrooms than I've ever seen in my life. After the long hike, I could feel the blisters swelling and the up and down of the hills were wearing on my knees. Mark asked if this was what it was like to run a marathon. I told him to multiply it by 20,000.

After Mark napped and I stared at him napping, we wandered Union Square. Dinner at some Mediterranean Restaurant which I would rate about a 1 1/2 out of 5. But the belly dancer added the extra 1/2 point. She danced with a sword on her head the way my mom used to when she danced for the USO. Seriously. My mom's done many things in her lifetime. Belly dancing is one of them.

The time difference is kicking my butt. I woke up at 4:30am ready to go but had to force myself to sleep another hour and a half. Now I'm at the desk, typing away, listening to Mark snore. I think I'll head down to the hotel "livingroom" and work on breaking down the Brain Brawl script. That's my one assigment while I'm here. Stacy, you'll be happy to know I started my assignment on the plane in between the screams of the baby sitting two seats away from me.

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