Tuesday, April 25, 2006

So much it hurts.

I love my boy. Madly. We're getting married in less than 12 days. I'm a bit beside myself. Everyone keeps asking if I'm nervous. Of course. I'm nervous if I'll find the right shoes to match my dress. Converses or Mary Janes. I'm nervous that people attending the baseball game the same day as our wedding will fill up the Dobie parking lot before our guests arrive. I'm nervous that I won't get a chance to eat the meatballs that Dale's making. Next to Enoteca's, they're my favorite. I'm nervous that I'll cry a lot during the ceremony and won't be able to speak. I'm nervous about whether to use garlands or white lights up the banister at the Alamo. There's a skylight and the lights probably won't work the way I was hoping. But I'm not nervous to marry Mark Osborn. I couldn't be more sure of anything in my entire life. I love him so much it hurts.


alison said...

you are getting married on my birthday! I'm hoping that brings you luck.

okay--i vote to go with Mary Janes, lights, and make sure you take some time to eat the meatballs. also, make very very certain that you get some "portrait shots". At least a few great ones of the two of you. That is the one thing I regret. That and the uncomfortable shoes. love, alison

Clare Jane said...

Mary Janes, definitely. As for the meatballs, you can either make guests wait so that you can "open" the eating or assign someone the job of getting you a plate of food and delivering it to you, that you way you can be mingling but are still sure to eat.

Mandy said...

Mary Janes! And I'll make sure you get something to eat.

I love Mark too, but not in the same way as you... :)

i'm no phenomenon said...

converses...go with your first instinct.

Anonymous said...

Make sure you're the first ones to eat. It's your wedding, by golly.