Sunday, April 09, 2006

I'll miss My Little Pony

My little cold has turned into a coughing frenzy. Stacy begged me to take the organic cough syrup that she swore by from when she had the same thing. It tasted like black licorice. Just awful. I gulped it down last night and then rested my head against my pillow. I only woke up twice to a few fits of coughing. I'll probably have to miss Isabella's 2 year birthday party to the theme of My Little Pony today. Dagnabit. I don't want to infect Isabella and all of her little friends.

After sending out screeners last Monday, we're starting to get some interest from distributors. Here's what we've deducted from conversations over the last month about our distribution possiblities.

1. Distributors think it's a hard film to market.
2. It's a downer film.
3. Yes, we can get a DVD and Cable deal.
4. Theatrical is pretty much out of the question.
5. We can set up our own semi-theatrical release in very, very few cities to get the necessary reviews we need to push the DVD.
6. Colleges might be a good outlet for a semi theatrical run across the country.
7. Build up our pedigree.

I'm very curious to screen in a city that we have no connections to. It'll be an experiment in our marketing/publicity abilities and a test of the film with unbiased audiences and critics. My naive and silly little goal is to sell out theaters everywhere we screen the film. I've learned and am learning so much about press and publicity as far as timing and getting feature articles, who and who not to talk to. I'm loving this. I want to be the queen of grassroots marketing. I love what Greg Pak did with Robot Stories. He's been a true inspiration for self-distribution.

Oh yeah, Houston went really well. Stacy got a wonderful response to Rescue Me. Lots of animal rescue organizations want to use it as a tool for outreach. The workshop went great too. Michele from SWAMP asked us to do the same thing in San Antonio in the upcoming months. We're also brewing some ideas to do a series of workshops here in Austin.


Bryan Poyser said...

Sounds encouraging, Kat. Self-distribution actually can be fun. Even tho we never did it outside of Austin with Dear Pillow, the results we got made it seem actually possible to get the movie out in the world on our own.

Anonymous said...

Find a rep. Even if you get a distributor, without a reputable rep, chances are that you will never see a single dime. Happens all the time.

A word of advice - the next movie you make, please pass around the script for its commercial potential. Esp. if you plan to use other people's money. Just my 2 cents. Take it or leave it. Good Luck.

A Well wisher