Sunday, March 12, 2006

Selling out

WE SOLD OUT!!! We turned away over 300 people at the door. It was absolutely nuts. And on top of that, people really liked it. We got so much wonderful feedback. I'm sort of on cloud nine right now. I'm so proud, so proud of everyone!

We continue with some more interviews, meetings and movie watching today and tomorrow.

It looks like I'll be playing my hometown of Jacksonville for the festival there. All of my hometown peeps will get a chance to see it. At the top of my list, Jeff Grove, my drama teacher who always pushed me when I sometimes wanted to sit still. It's always the drama teacher isn't it?

Garrett leaves today. I've been in heaven having Gena and Garrett be a part of all this. I got home at 2am last night emotionally and physically drained. But it was all worth it. Every bit.

We have another screening on Thursday, March 16th, 1:30pm at the Paramount. So if you're in Austin, tell everyone you know. It's a huge theater and we need to sell out again.


i'm no phenomenon said...

1:30pm at the Paramount...that's one too many cherry cokes!

kelly rae said...

kat, that's awesome. congratulations!

karen said...

congrats, sweetie, i'm so proud. can't wait for my chance to see it.

Clare Jane said...

My dad and stepmom were among the ones turned away on Saturday. They will try again on Thursday. I am so happy for you and your team. Congratulations my sweet!

goldendove said...

Congratulations! When is the Jax show? You are and all your crew. I cannot wait to see it. LOVE, Ama

Mom Z said...

Congrats Kat... i believe that Juli & Bryan's kinfolk will have apx 11 coming to see the movie on the 16th.. 2 from Dallas, 1 from Kerrville, 1 from San Marcos and 7 from our Wimberley area... can't wait to see what we have been reading and hearing about...we're going to try to get there plenty early in order to get tickets..

See you at the theatre.. Mom Z