Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Falling back into place

I'm falling back into place. Wedding plans are afoot again. Poor Mark is freaking out about what's left to be done. I might freak out a little too if I wasn't so darn tired from the festival. He's been good though and stepped up with the responsibilities. I love that boy so much. I also started running again. It keeps my head on straight and helps calm my nerves. Only 3 miles, 3 days to start out with this week. I have to work my way back up again. I'd like to get back to 7 miles a day, 4 - 5 days a week. Oh and long runs. I miss those long runs. Yeah, that won't be for a good while. My knees would scream and yell at me.

Life hasn't slowed down really. In fact it's sort of sped up. Stacy and I are teaching a film workshop to middle school girls on Friday, Jim and I are teaching film to a group of Boy Scouts on Tuesday and in between all of that is Nisha's wedding, make-up trials, wedding dress fittings, Storie meetings and so forth. I'm anxious for the honeymoon. In such a big way.

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kelly rae said...

got your wedding invite in the mail today. love it. so original and so kat candler.