Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Falling asleep at the day job

The four or five hours of sleep I've been getting every night since last Friday finally caught up with me. I'm back at my day job nodding off at my desk. Sitting still makes my eyelids very, very heavy. Last night I made the mistake of going to the Austin Chronicle Party instead of going to sleep. I looked for my people ... the Zellners, Heather Courtney, Bryan and Jake, but nothing. So I ate more appetizers, drank more Diet Coke and got stupid silly with Stacy, Tracy and Leslie. Tonight it's the Awards Ceremony, I think. I was hoping I might steal a nap beforehand, but I don't think that's gonna happen.

We're anxiously awaiting reviews. I've been on pins and needles. This is the part of the process that makes my belly ache. Well, shit, actually the whole process makes my belly ache.

A few of the bands/musicians from the film will be in town to play for SXSW ... Jose Gonzalez, Bosque Brown and Jeff Hanson. My music supervisor, Daniel Gill gets here tomorrow. Usually it's the music part of SXSW that draws all of my friends to Austin. I'm excited to show them the movie. No more tears on Thursday. I might be too tired to cry this time around.

We get to hang out with Alan and Eunhee from Inner Circle Line Thursday night. We met at the IFP Rough Cuts Lab last September and have been swapping stories, advice, experiences with each other ever since. I can't wait to see their film. I hear it's pretty wonderful.


Clare Jane said...

Say hi to Alan for me! (I met him at that IFP workshop I went to for you guys)

Can't wait to talk next week when all the dust has settled.

love you! xox

karen said...

I'm so jealous about the bands. Will you even get to see them? Amre and I are going to see jose Gonzales next week at an in-store. Tell Bosque Brown and Jeff Hanson to come play here soon.