Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Cinematography Merit Badges

Tonight, Jim and I spent an hour and a half explaining the 180 Degree Rule, pans, tilts, storyboards, dolly grips and so much more to a Boy Scout Troop. My friend Jon who manages all of the Austin Zen's (yes, I've befriended many Zen employees) asked us to help the boys with their Cinematography Merit Badge. We had fun watching them put together a scene and learn to use cameras. Jon said the only other merit badge that they had this much fun with was the plumbing merit badge.

I also found this Italian blog talking about jumping off bridges. I wish I knew what it said. All I know is that there's a great track of Sufjan Stevens doing a solo version of For the Widows in Paradise, for the Fatherless in Ypsilanti. No back up vocals.


karen said...

The translations at this site make no sense, but it's fun: http://babelfish.altavista.com/ Just copy and paste the text and then tell what language you want it translated to and from.
Ex: Indians-eye propose the clip of the trace of Sufjan present Stevens in the sonorous column of the film, good vision.
Huh? Who knows. Those wacky Italians.

amy said...

My husband speaks Spanish and some Italian and was able to translate the article (roughly)...

Jumping off bridges is the new feature film from the texan director and judging from the digital release which can be found in the website, it aims to establish a more than functional connection with the sound fabric: Zak and eric, two (hmmm i have no idea what diciassetteni are) Zac and Erik, two (somethings) jump from the bridges just for fun.
They spend their days listening to Indie rock in the company of Lindsay and Grove until the shadow of suicide falls on the life of Zak. Filmed in 16mm the film is accompanied by a very strong sound track including names such as Bosque Brown, Sufjan Stevens, the (first appearance? lonely appearance?) of the Explosions in The Sky, the American analog set, Jose Conzales, veronica Lipgloss and many other names of the independent American film scene. The film will be premiered in a world release on these days at south by southwest film festival and we wait maybe for a passage to the european matrix festivals. The film also brings great acting with the exhuberant (well really it means kinda like hot) and beautiful Savannah Welch and Bryan Chafin, the "son" of "the patriot" and cult actor of Kat Candler. Indie-eye plays (?) a clip of the track by Sufjan Stevens which is present in the sound track of the film. Good vision.

Stacy said...

Here's Steve Canner (stacy's boyfriend)'s translation - he knows Italian pretty well.

Kat Candler's work draws much of its lifeblood from sound, something that
Explosions in the Sky knows something about, who were called on to do the
the soundtrack for Cicadas, Candler's debut from 2002. Jumping off bridges
is the latest feature from the director, a Texas transplant, and judging
from the digital press kit on the official website, seems to establish a
connection much more than functional with its texture of sound: Zack and
Eric, two teenagers, jump off bridges just for the fun of it. Zack takes
notes on and pictures of every bridge they visit, while Eric fantasizes
about a possible future as a bridge designer. They spend their days
listening to indie rock with Lindsay and Grove, until the shadow of suicide
crosses Zack's life. Filmed in 16mm, the film offers a powerful soundtrack
with names like Bosque Brown, Sufjan Stevens, the expected Explosions in the
Sky, The American Analog Set, Jose Gonzales, Veronica Lipgloss and many
other names from the American indie scene. The film had its world premiere
recently at SXSW, and we can maybe hope that it will show up on the European
festival circuit. The film features, among others, the beautiful
quasi-newcomer Savannah Welch and Bryan Chafin, the youngest son in "The
Patriot" and an actor Candler uses often. Indie-Eye recommends the Sufjan
Stevens track used in the film's soundtrack, good choice.

Michele said...

Yes Stacy this is the correct translation, even if the "exhuberant" Savannah Welch of amy's translation it's a very funny interpretation :-D.

I'm looking forward to see the movie.

take care.