Wednesday, February 01, 2006

my summer of love

Lots of random thoughts ...

Today Stacy tossed out the idea of a world without spreadsheets. It made me shudder. I love spreadsheets so much. I can whip one together so quick it would make your head spin. I have tons of them. I have a spreadsheet for every occasion.

Our postcards came in yesterday. Lots and lots of them. They're beautiful. Thanks to Kurt Volk, Meredith Boyd and four great looking teenagers.

I watched "My Summer of Love" last night. There's nothing better than a little gem of a film that captures you unaware. I miss seeing movies like that.

My friends do this thing where someone will make some grand political statement over email and copy all of us on it. And then for the entire day it goes back and forth, back and forth. Emails with explanation points and all caps fly around with accusations and defensiveness. Everyone gets upset, sometimes feelings get hurt. I hate that part.

Tomorrow I get to watch the second pass of the color correction. Time is really sneaking up on me. We only have four weeks to finish this bad boy.

My right knee is feeling a little better. I have to ice it each night. And I have to roll my hip and leg along this styrofoam cylinder thing, which is surprisingly very painful. Lastly, I need to go pick up some ibuprofen. I'm grateful to be surrounded by physical therapists and trainers who can tell me what to do in times like these.

Man, oh man, I'm really sick of staring at this computer.

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Adrienne Dawes said...

eeeeee. cannot wait to hold a postcard.