Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Ice baths and interviews

I feel like a machine. I think after SXSW I could go into business as a publicist. Well, maybe not. I still hate talking on the phone, so that would be a big negative in that department. But as far as making contacts and figuring out who's who and magazines and blogs and zines and TV shows ... My spreadsheet grows and grows. It's smothered in color now. It is kind of strange being my own publicist though. I've done a few interviews now and have a few more lined up in the upcoming weeks. It's been interesting for sure.

Clare and Karen get into town tomorrow for my bridal shower and marathon. They're my two biggest supporters. When I premiered my first film, at the Austin Film Festival way long ago, Clare sent me a huge vase of yellow roses. It was the sweetest thing. Speaking of which she landed her first stage role in New York. I'm so friggin' proud of that girl, I can't stand it.

Michael's episode airs on LOST tonight. Stacy, Tracy and I are headed over to Nevie's in a few minutes to do some major stickering of postcards. We'll also be dining on take out Enoteca. Their rigatoni and meatballs is to die for.

I ran four miles this morning. Had a bit of an ache in the right knee. Came home promptly after stretching and took a ten minute ice bath. And yes, it is as bad as it sounds. Although I will agree with Nevie that in some weirdo way, you get used to it.

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